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Looking to get SPOOKED? Are you tired of VeryHorrifying-ScaryLooking-BloodGore-Discusting DUMB scary monsters??

SHADOW has a simple-looking SMART monster that will make you be afraid, by not knowing what to expect and it sneaking on you if you are not prepared.

Note: My game is technically not  a horror game, it is a SPOOKY game!

(Most "horror" games just play loud un-avoidable scare jumps that would damage your ear every 5 mins and have blood all over the game... )

Other key features about the game, among others, are:

#LowPoly - #FirstPerson - "#Shooter" - #Spooky - #horror - #Coop - #OpenWorld


  • WORLD REWORK - New and expanded world map and terrain.
  • ASSETS REWORK  - New objects and models + sound effects.
  • INTERACTIONS REWORK  - Updated interactions between items and monster.
  • TUTORIAL REWORK  - New and expanded information and 2D animations.
  • OBJECTIVES REWORK - Main quest and collectables improved.
  • LIGHTING REWORK   - Lighting tweaked to improve gameplay and immersion.
  • TELEPORTING REWORK  - Beacon system and checkpoints updated and reworked.
  • BALANCE REWORK  - TTK and ammo tweaked to improve gameplay  passing.
  • INTRO ADDITION - New short INTRO clip (placeholder).
  • SURVIVORS  ADDITION  - New side quest and collectable NPCs added.
  • FEEDBACK ADDITION  - Combat feedback and indicators added when fighting. + Addition of Shadow feedback (audio and visual clues). + Updated button and icons when interacting with items.
  • WEATHER ADDITION  - New Storm and rain 3Dmodels and effects. + Added environmental fog & dust particles.

D 2.33 UPDATE:

  • BEGINNER HELP  - Addition+ improvements of tutorials and information.
  • BEGINNER EXPLORATION  -  Progressive difficulty (starting easier) + 3D audio clues.
  • FPS TUTORIAL FIX - Improved the performance when looking at the island.
  • OBJECTIVE CLARIFICATION - Added indicators to clarify GreenCube collection.

D 2.34 UPDATE:

  • TUTORIAL +                        - Rework and improvements to the tutorial explanations

D 2.35 UPDATE:

  • TUTORIAL ++                     - Added extra tutorial explanations & bug fixes.


Hi guys, GRIT here! (The DEV)

Reminder that for ANYONE checking the game, feel free to COMMENT on the trailer or twitter your thoughts so I can IMPROVE THE GAME with your help!

video  https://youtu.be/OAF3UBGUabw

message https://twitter.com/GAMEdevOVER

email gamedevover.feedback@gmail.com

ANY feedback is appreciated! :D

This D 2.33 is the 2.0 version (Demo). The last 1.0 update was the D 1.15 Shadow (Demo).For further patch notes check the D1.15 last version and de previously added.


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Hi, the game is really cool ! The ability to use your hands to interact with the environment is really cool but still needs polish.

Congrats on the UI and tutorial, it's original and really well made.


Thank you so much for the feedback! Really appreciate your help! If there are more thoughts you would like to share I will happy to hear what you think!
Even if is about the art style or even YouTube channel! (Everything helps! )

Hi! I loved the game and the initial animation was unique and cool! Good work keep it up!

Thank you SO MUCH for checking it out! The animation is just a placeholder but I'm happy that you liked it! I had to rush it out but the final one will have a better introduction of the story

If you would like to see more art about the game your feedback and comments would really help!

Hi. I played your game and recorded it on a video. It was fun. I did not figure out what is going on at first. However, it was still fun and enjoyable. I hope to playtest more complete versions in future. :D If you want me to delete the video, let me know. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.

(1 edit)

I enjoyed you game! It was short but good experience.

It was good that the game is simple to understand how to play, and easy to comprehend what's going on.

Although, I couldn't bring on what you did actually intend.

I tried to ignite a lantern like visual description but I couldn't, and tried to banish the fog(on the bridge) by liner magic but it didn't work. Also, I recommend to make the field brighter since to me it was hard to recognize field objects. 

I'm looking forward to see the finished version!

THANK YOU so much for your FEEDBACK!!

Sorry that some aspects of the game are not very well explained yet (like the bridge) I had to lock the demo area somehow but in the final game you will be able to interact with the bridge!
And I need to re-work the lamp charging since people have experienced issues with it (to charge a lamp hold down the charging button WHILE having the hand close to the lamp!)
I will try to improve the game and have all your concerns fixed for the next update!

If you would like to get some additional feedback on the art style or "scary"ness of the game, feel free to comment to give me ideas and suggestions!